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Now that 2014 is almost at an end, websites, bloggers and general movie buffs from across the globe are chomping at the bit to tell you what their favorite films were and why. While there’s no doubt that perusing through these articles can be a fun and interesting way to spend your day, a new video has managed to easily usurp each of these pieces in one fail swoop. To see how, watch this wonderful 8-minute mashup video of 2014’s best movies below. It’s simply superb.

There’s so much to like about this glorious collage of cinematic delights that I don’t even know where to begin. In fact, I’m actually going to stop typing and re-watch it instantly. *Spends another 8 minutes and 10 seconds being reminding why 2014 was a darn good year for film.* It gets better every time. After a nice little homage to the opening of Guardians of the Galaxy, we see the piece’s editor, Nick Bosworth, sitting at home, having just completed his edit, alongside his very own dancing Groot doll. We are then transported to a recap that squeezes 330 films into one bombastic super-cut. Jo-Blo’s description of Final Cut 2014 can be read below:
"Another year has passed and it has been a memorable one folks. 2014 gave us many incredible films from every genre you can think of and I will once again honor the people behind them and their immense efforts by showcasing 330 films that released during the past year. I thank you all for watching and look forward to an even better 2015."

It’s hard to keep track of which film is mentioned the most in the montage. It certainly looks as though Guardians Of The Galaxy got plenty of nods. Especially since REDBONE’s 1974 classic song, "Come and Get Your Love", which was featured prominently on the soundtrack to James Gunn’s scintillating space-opera, is played at the beginning. Also, Chris Pratt’s Emmett from The Lego Movie pops up on a number of occasions to remind us that the Parks and Recreation star won our hearts long before he glided through space on the Milano.

The brains behind Final Cut 2014 – Movie Mashup aren’t the type to discriminate though. They don’t ostracize films that have been met with less than stellar reviews from their clips. In fact Transformers: Age Of Extinction, Dumb & Dumber To and Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore’s mundane rom-com, Blended, appear in the mash-up more times than esteemed movies like Inherent Vice,Whiplash,and Edge Of Tomorrow. The real beauty of Final Cut 2014 – Movie Mashup is its lack of prejudice. And in showing off the different cinematic delights that made up 2014, it’s now impossible not to be excited about what 2015 has in store for us.

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