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It’s only been out for a weekend plus a few days, so Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is going to continue to roll all over the box office competition for at least a little while. But even as we continue do dissect and debate about every last element of that superhero throwdown, it’s never too early to look forward to the next. In this case, we’ve got Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War looming on the horizon. We’ve already seen quite a bit from the cape-versus-cape battle—we recently got our first look at the new MCU Spider-Man—but we just found out when we’ll get our next blast of new footage to pick and pore over.

Captain America himself, Chris Evans, will appear early next month on the 2016 MTV Movie Awards. According to the network that used to show music videos, MTV will debut an exclusive new clip from Captain America: Civil War during the broadcast on April 10. There are usually at least a few big, new unveilings during this awards show—one that’s often the polar opposite of most celebrations of this ilk—but it’s hard to imagine any other being bigger or more anticipated than a fresh look at the latest Marvel joint.

There’s really not much more news to report than that. The Marvel marketing machine is kicking into high gear, so we’ll likely get at least a glimpse or two of Captain America: Civil War before April 10, though it probably won’t be much. Kind of like the Super Bowl, studios often use the MTV Movie Awards, positioned as they are right before summer blockbuster season kicks into high gear, to unveil something special. So when this new footage does drop, odds are it will be something we haven’t really seen yet, and we’ll hopefully have new things to discuss for a while. Now that they’ve pulled the curtain back, I wonder if we’ll get more from our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man?
After yet another incident with lots of collateral damage, Captain America: Civil War finds the superhero community divided by the Sokovia Accords, legislation designed to keep heroes in check. Iron Man leads the pro-regulation camp, while Captain America leads those who oppose these new rules, and as the characters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe choose sides, friends will clash with friends in a battle that will have huge ramifications in this particular movie world.

Captain America: Civil War hits theaters May 6. What do you hope to see in the new footage?

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