This Friday marks the release of Vampire Academy, and sadly, there’s a very good chance that the film doesn’t satisfy your vampire cravings. A PG-13 rating can do that. Nothing against Vampire Academy, but it very much feels like the new train of thought regarding vampires is that they're not tragically doomed monsters, but absolutely fetch style pioneers with unlimited weaknesses. You wish you could sparkle like that, homegirl.

It only made sense that this was the perfect time to scare up something that would slake your bloodlust, which is why the 24 Hour Vampire Marathon was created. Following our blueprint, you can have a full night and day made to honor the best and weirdest of all bloodsucking adventures, from the early era of vamps onscreen to modern day. The schedule was created using the films’ specific runtimes as well as compatibility and fit within a schedule, so maybe your favorite is missing. If that’s the case, hopefully it’s been replaced by something stranger and more worth your time.

We’re gonna start at noon knowing full well that your friendly local tween who is amped up for Vampire Academy might be joining you. If that’s the case, why not subject them to a film that ultimately surprises the viewer by being terrifying. The original Fright Night follows a virginal dork who learns that the ladykiller next door might actually be killing ladies. A deeper examination reveals that the suave Chris Sarandon is indeed too good to be true – dude’s a bloodsucker! Fright Night toys with several popular horror movie tropes, but ultimately Sarandon’s debaucherous lech becomes more than just our hero’s cockblocker, but something of a beast all his own. Surprisingly, if you wanted, you could substitute in the remake and not miss a beat, since they both have identical runtimes.

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