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Would you like to meet the Parker sisters? They’d like to meet you. And they do a simple but effective job of it in the interactive picture for Jim Mickles’ horror remake We Are What We Are seen above (via ComingSoon). I have my issues with the interactivity that comes with some of these promotions, but I kind of dig what eOne Films and their marketing team have done here. Keep your cursor off of the photo and you’re looking at the very distressed Iris (Ambyr Childers) and Rose (Julia Garner) Parker. But when you slide the cursor over the image, headed to close out the window after saying, “Hey, I’ve already seen this picture,” you’ll find that a number of prompts pop up, inviting you to look at all of the pre-existing promo material, all linked from the same picture.

You find out that Iris is the protective eldest daughter who is forced to continue the family’s secret tradition now that their mother has passed away. Rose, meanwhile, is described as the vocal and conflicted middle child, in charge of watching over the youngest, Rory, wishing that her family were more like everyone else’s. Get links to both the taut trailer and a clip with the sisters, both of which you can find below. Finally, you can link to both the film’s Facebook page and to Iris’ Instagram account, where you’ll find a slew of other non-interactive photos from the film. All we really need from this is the entire film embedded somewhere on it.

Next up, we have a few GIFs from the film, courtesy of DreadCentral. While these aren’t the most imaginative GIFs, they are clever enough, especially the meat grinder. Oh, the meat grinder.





You can catch the family woes of We Are What We Are in theaters this weekend on September 27. You can watch the trailer and clip below.

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