The Weird And Funny Things Couples Do While Watching Movies Together

Sometimes, all you want to do with an evening is spend it cuddled up to your nearest and dearest, in the warmth of your home, watching an entertaining cinematic yarn together. That’s how you intend for the evening to go. However, it seldom ever turns out that way, and now Buzz Feed has created a rather prescient and excellent video of the trials and tribulations that couples go through on movie night. You can check out the clip below...

So, what do we learn? First off, actually deciding to watch a movie together is always the second option, as it is always preceded by one of the parties suggesting that they just have sex instead. But when the other decides that they’re just not in the mood to do the no-pants dance, this usually results in the couple watching a film together. And this is where the drama begins, because as soon as the remote is out and you start looking for something to watch, both of you suddenly turn into the world’s most hardened film critics. So much so that it can literally take hours to find a movie on which everyone can agree.

But once the movie has actually been selected it doesn’t get any easier. If you’ve decided to compliment your choice with something to eat, which, more often than not, turns out to be popcorn, you soon find that one of you is eating more than the other and an argument over equally sharing out the snack is soon started. Meanwhile, the rise in popularity of the iPhone and its Android neighbors now means that it’s almost virtually impossible to not check Facebook, browse on Amazon, or slyly look at porn when you suddenly confront a boring patch of the movie. The fact that your attention has lapsed then means that one of you soon starts to ask irritating questions about why a character has reacted in a certain fashion, which can lead to the rather reasonable explanation of, "We’re both watching the film for the first time, and we have exactly the same amount of information as each other." Of course, it’s impossible not to sound like a complete turd when saying those words, so these ultimately lead to yet another argument.

In fact impromptu toilet breaks, errant Wikipedia searches that ultimately ruin the entire movie, film debates over vaguely familiar actors that have popped up throughout your entire movie-watching life span and deviously planned farts are also common occurrences that can ruin the evening. So in conclusion, next time a movie-night is suggested, it’s probably just easier to have sex instead.

Gregory Wakeman