Wes Bentley, Emily Wickersham And Jennifer Carpenter Join Amanda Seyfried Thriller Gone

Amanda Seyfried will be playing a young woman in some kind of peril this weekend, as she stars in the Catherine Hardwicke-directed fairy tale revamp Red Riding Hood. She'll be at it again at some point next year in Now the sci-fi thriller also starring Justin Timberlake. And she'll be doing it one more time in the thriller Gone, as a young woman hunting down the kidnapper who attacked her years earlier and who has now targeted her sister. That film starts shooting in April, and a supporting cast has been added to get things moving forward.

According to Variety Emily Wickersham, Jennifer Carpenter and Wes Bentley have all been added to the cast; the article doesn't say who they'll be playing, but it seems a fair guess that Wickersham could play the kidnapped sister, and Bentley, having perfected the creepy guy roles over the years, would be a fair guess for the abductor. Though Carpenter is a regular on Dexter and Wickersham appeared in I Am Number Four, none of them are as famous as Seyfried, which suggests this will be a real starring vehicle for the actress. Summit will be distributing the film, which seems perfect for the kind of spring spot that Red Riding Hood is occupying this year.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend