What's Going On With The Adaptation Of Mark Millar's Nemesis?

It's been a long time since we last heard anything about the film adaptation of the Mark Millar-Steve McNiven comic Nemesis. The project took a major step forward back in February of last year when it was announced that Matthew Michael Carnahan, brother of Joe Carnahan, had been hired to pen the script for the film over at 20th Century Fox. The movie also had the attention of director Tony Scott, though with his full schedule one wondered if he would actually get around to making it. But where is the project now?

Earlier today, Bleeding Cool caught some Tweets from both Joe Carnahan and Mark Millar that seem to suggest that Nemesis has been put on ice. The filmmaker sent a message to the comic book writer/producer reading, "Mark, my brother and I were going to adapt NEMESIS at Fox and it got fucked off! We were waiting for you to finish the series." Stragely, Millar then replied back, "Seriously? That's hilarious. Follow me so I can DM you." With speculation abound, many outlets began running the story assuming that it meant that Nemesis was dead, but in another Tweet, Carnahan linked to an article and said, "THIS IS A BULLSHIT ARTICLE...DON'T BELIEVE IT."

Nemesis, which launched in May 2010, was about a supervillain that was basically The Joker if he had the resources of Batman. The first run, which was only four issues long, followed a police chief on the hunt for the title character.

When I first read Carnahan's Tweet I also assumed that he meant that the project was dead when he said "fucked off" so it's hard to say what exactly is going. We shall continue to follow Carnahan's Twitter feed and will update this story with any further information he might provide.

UPDATE: Joe Carnahan has sent out two tweets saying the following:

"Guys, to clarify on the Mark Millar 'Nemesis' biz. IGN wound up getting blamed by me because I'm a douche. The rumor was not their doing.""I will speak to Mark Millar and we will give @IGN the real story."

Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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