White Noise 3 Possible?

White Noise 2: The Light stumbled out straight to DVD here in the United States yesterday (apparently it was supposed to be out last year... and it never happened), and nobody really noticed. In a way it’s a shame, not because there’s anything worthwhile in the ridiculous White Noise franchise, but because it starred the BSG’s Katee Sackhoff and Serenity’s awesome captain Nathan Fillian. Both of them deserve so much better.

Though the second movie couldn’t even manage a theatrical release here in the US, it looks like that the whole White Noise thing still isn’t dead. Our friends over at Moviehole recently interviewed White Noise 2 director Patrick Lussier, who hints around that he has more he wants to do with White Noise.

When asked if he has any ideas for a White Noise 3 Lussier says, “Oh I have one or two. Nathan had a really interesting take on what a less sterling character might do with ability he possesses in the film. It's dark and very cool and morbily funny. But I'm not sure if they'd continue this specific story. Likely they would spin again and create another stand alone set in the same world.” That last sentence from him is the weird one. I wonder if that means someone’s planning another standalone movie without him? I can’t believe anyone thinks this franchise has any life in it, even as another direct-to-dvd title.

For more from Lussier, check out MH’s full interview.

Josh Tyler