When you’re a guy who spent several decades frozen in ice, lots of things become tricky. Your old girlfriend went and got married and had a family of her own, so what’s a guy to do? These are the problems that Captain America has, but usually is forced to ignore because he’s too busy saving the world from an alien invasion or terrorist infiltration. You know, normal stuff. However, it looks like things will be getting a little more personal for Cap in his next movie. It appears there will be a little time for romance for Steve Rogers and a special girl. The girl in question being S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent 13.

We met Sharon Carter, a.k.a. "Kate," a.k.a. Agent 13, as Captain America’s neighbor who was actually an undercover S.H.I.E.L.D. agent assigned by Nick Fury to keep an eye on the lost-in-time Avenger. There was certainly some mutual attraction going on between the two, that might have had a chance to go somewhere if Nick Fury hadn’t gone and gotten himself shot. In a recent interview with ET Online, actress Emily VanCamp seems a little nervous about the romance developing on screen as many fans have very different opinions about who Cap should be getting involved with.
That’s where it all gets really tricky, because there are die-hard fans that want to see him with different people. There’s all the different camps, so hopefully people are happy with it.

While Captain America may have the luxury of playing the field in Marvel comics, his options are significantly more limited within the MCU. The only other woman of note on the screen is Black Widow, and while she might have seemed like a strong possibility for Cap in The Winter Soldier, as the two worked together very closely, there are a couple of problems with that relationship now. One is that Avengers: Age of Ultron showed us that she has some unresolved feeling for Bruce Banner going on. The other problem is that Rogers and Romanov will be on opposite sides of the fence in Captain America: Civil War which will likely make their relationship, romantic or otherwise, difficult, not just in this movie but possibly going forward as well.

Agent 13, on the other hand, will be squarely located on Team Captain America in the new movie. VanCamp confirmed that her character will continue to have Steve Rogers back, as she did throughout the last movie. We last saw Sharon Carter on a CIA shooting range at the end of The Winter Soldier so we expect that’s where we’ll find her when Civil War picks up.

Are you looking forward to see more of Agent 13 in the MCU?
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