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Why Fast & Furious 6 And 7 Featured Way Less Of One Character

The Fast and Furious movies seem to only be getting bigger as time goes on. Bigger stunts, bigger dollars, and bigger stars have been hallmarks of the latter movies in the series. This made the fact that one actor’s role seems to have been shrinking recently seem odd. As it turns out, it’s been other acting obligations that have kept Jordana Brewster’s role smaller in the last couple of films.

Speaking with Uproxx in advance of Furious 7’s release on Blu-ray and DVD, Brewster revealed that she misses the action scenes she got to do in Fast Five, and that it was due to her TV series obligations that she wasn’t able to do as much with the last couple films. She explained,

The last two, I was also shooting the show Dallas and that restricted me a ton as far as timing. I couldn’t be quite as involved. But I would love to be involved in the action a little bit more. But that’s part of her character. She’s free-spirited, and strong, and to get the chance to showcase that side of her is great.

Jordana Brewster played the role of Elena Ramos for three seasons when TNT rebooted the Dallas series in 2012. Since so much of the action franchise is based on stunt driving, that means not only being on set to film, but also rehearsal time to make sure that the actors can be safe while performing the various stunts. Dallas was a summer series, which likely means it had a similar filming schedule to the Furious films. This made it difficult for Brewster to spend as much time on set as she would have needed to in order to be a part of the franchise’s big action moments.

Juggling regular TV roles and movie opportunities can be tough for any actor. You have to balance the certainty of the regular TV work with the occasional movie, which may or may not become a franchise of its own. Add to it the fact that while most broadcast network shows run on pretty much the same schedule, cable series debut all over the calendar, so getting everybody free at once can be difficult. Dallas was canceled last October, so while that’s bad news for her regular employment, it’s good news for her ability to be more involved in the planned Furious 8.

Brewster’s words also heavily imply that she’s interested in returning for the next film. While we know that Vin Diesel and The Rock will be back, with the loss of Paul Walker the next film has the potential to be very different, and Brewster, who played Walker’s on-screen love, will likely go through some significant character changes if she does return.

We look forward to hopefully seeing Mia Toretto’s free-spirit in the next Fast & Furious film, scheduled for release April 14, 2017.

Dirk Libbey
Dirk Libbey

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