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Will they or won’t they? Are they, or aren’t they? When it comes to the possibility of The Goonies 2, fans (and the cast) seem eager to share anything construed as new news. Original Goonie leader Sean Astin took to social media to calm the masses – somewhat – and explain why he’s absolutely sure that they are going to do a sequel… unless, you know, they don’t.

Sean Astin sort of started this recent surge in chatter with an ill-advised Tweet (which he quickly took down). More on that in a second. But following the Tweet, Astin took to Facebook to sort out the latest on The Goonies 2, which he still feels will happen one day. Here’s why:
I have always believed that there will be a Goonies Sequel, because Steven Spielberg told me in 1988 that he wanted to make one. Richard Donner has said that it is in the works. Warner Brothers is enjoying a very successful merchandising experience with the ‘title.’ If it gets made in my lifetime, I will root for it, whether I'm in it or not. If it gets made after I'm no longer here to be in it or to watch it, I still know in my heart, guts, wherever, [that] it will get made.

Now that’s confidence. So stop asking him about it!

To be fair, the reason conversation heated up surrounding The Goonies 2 is because, over the weekend, Sean Astin Tweeted a message to his fans stating that he’d be back for the sequel. It was vague, but definitive, as if something had happened behind the scenes to suggest that the sequel finally was moving forward. However, he deleted the tweet and quickly backtracked, stating that he’d return "if" and when the movie happened.

In fact, if you read through the entirety of the post he put on Facebook, he quickly devolves into a lot of "if" statements. "If it gets made in my lifetime…" That’s less confident, no matter what Steven Spielberg told him nearly 25 years ago.

The Goonies 2 is one of those dream projects that has languished in developmental Hell for decades. Most of the key members of the cast have weighed in over the years, saying that they are eager to reprise the roles that made them famous back in 1985. Richard Donner has even talked at length about the possibility of mounting a sequel. But a LOT of water has passed beneath the bridge, and the window for The Goonies 2 might have closed… no matter what Sean Astin continues to believe.

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