Why William Shatner Thinks Star Trek 3 Is Just Using Him

Cold water time, Star Trek fans. I’m sorry to have to do this to you, after teasing the possibility for days. But William Shatner just responded, publically, to the rumors that there is a cameo waiting for him in the still-developing Star Trek 3 (or whatever Paramount decides to call it), and the news is less-than-earth-shattering.

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"Rhetoric to cause hype," eh? Touche, Captain Kirk.

OK, so William Shatner shares on Twitter the fact that no one has contacted him about a possible cameo – or supporting role – in the next Star Trek movie. That, however, is relatively understandable. While we understand that the sequel is on its way, with a 2016 release date in the studio’s sights, there hasn’t been enough movement on the Star Trek front to guarantee that Shatner’s telephone would need to be ringing. That hasn’t stopped tongues from wagging, forcing Shatner to take drastic measures (from a social media standpoint):

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Here’s what has triggered this furious speculation. Star Trek screenwriter/producer Roberto Orci is expected to step behind the camera for the first time when Trek comes back to theaters, allegedly in 2016. It has been rumored that there is a substantial role for William Shatner’s beloved Captain Kirk, one that it plot-driven and somewhat crucial to the narrative in play. The rebooted Star Trek movies have gone out of their way to pay homage to the original series (and the subsequent movies), making room for Leonard Nimoy’s "Spock Prime" not once, but twice; shaping a sequel around Khan; and attempting to get Shatner in 2009’s Star Trek (before J.J. Abrams cut the scene).

Another reason why Star Trek fans believe that it’s a perfect opportunity to get William Shatner involved is because the franchise celebrates a 50th anniversary in 2016, and a sequel reaching theaters that year has the potential to bring real closure to Captain Kirk’s journey, while also freeing the new cast from the obligations of the past, opening them up to completely new voyages for the future.

Wishful thinking? Kismit? The planets aligning? We don’t know yet. We’re holding out hope that William Shatner can be part of Roberto Orci’s Star Trek 3, and have even come up with great reasons why his participation makes sense. But for now, no one has called the legendary Star Trek actor. Let’s change that, and soon.

Sean O'Connell
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