Wild Things Director Wants A Sequel About Neve Cambell And Bill Murray's Offspring

If you take a few moments to brainstorm the shittiest ideas for film sequels that could also turn out to be amazing, you might instinctively come up with a few humorous answers, like Who Else Framed Roger Rabbit? or The Great Dictator 2: Even Greater. But no one in their right mind would ever stumble upon saying “a Wild Things sequel.” But that just means you're not director John McNaughton, whose right-mindedness is up in the air.

McNaughton told Hollywood.com that another Wild Things film is in the works, and that he’s working on it with screenwriter Stephen Peters, who wrote the original film as well as Wild Things 2 and Wild Things: Diamonds in the Rough. But forget about everything you’ve seen after the first one, because they want the new sequel to tell the story of the original movie's characters' children. Let this quote sink in for a minute:

“We’re calling it Wild Child Things”

What in the holy hell is happening here? After referencing a similarity to the Amanda Knox case – where an American student was accused of murder in Italy and eventually acquitted – McNaughton goes on to say the story is “something that’s like the child of Suzie Toller (Neve Campbell), she claimed that Matt Dillon’s character had raped her a long time ago and maybe there is a child and maybe Bill Murray’s character had a child and they’re exchange students and things get out of hand.”

McNaughton is currently filming his first film in almost 12 years, Harvest, a psychological thriller so wicked that it apparently warped his head into thinking that run-on sentences will make for great movies. Peters has also seen a hiatus from cinema, having not written a produced feature since the last Wild Things sequel. It's worth noting that Campbell hasn’t exactly been blowing up cinemas either, last seen in the decent thriller The Glass Man and in the series Titanic: Blood and Steel. Denise Richards has been in a couple of TV shows Charlie Sheen was on and…(cricket sounds). And there are serious doubts about whether Bill Murray will even take a call about this, much less actually sign up for it.

They are putting this news out there to see if there’s any interest. So let’s give them a clue, shall we?

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Nick Venable
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