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Wolverine 3 is the finale of the solo trilogy that sees Hugh Jackman's Wolverine going on increasingly perilous adventures. Lately, the cast of this third and final film has gotten a bit British, with the newest addition to the cast continuing that trend. Get ready for the hysterically gangling Stephen Merchant to make his Marvel debut, as he's been added to the film's roster.

Deadline is the bearer of the good news this evening, as the publication has just announced his casting in Wolverine 3. As per usual, no details have been given as to who the Hello Ladies star will be playing, but this hasn't stopped us from diving off of the deep end as we try to figure out what sort of role would be the perfect fit. After all, you don't cast Stephen Merchant for no good reason.

The most obvious assumption for Stephen Merchant's Wolverine 3 role is that of a character who's related to Richard E. Grant's recently cast mad scientist. Be it a nefarious assistant who's helping out with all of the mad science being had by Grant's baddie, some sort of underling who finds himself swayed to join the ranks of Hugh Jackman's Wolverine, or a little bit of both, the timing seems to suggest that Merchant and Grant are more connected than we know. Of course, with the film's story in a bit of a shroud of mystery, there's a lot of possible alternatives.

No matter his status of hero or villain, Stephen Merchant is pretty able at playing both. With his lighter side coming into play with projects like Hello Ladies and The Office, while his villainous turn in the video game Portal 2 balances out his resume, showing that Merchant has a wide breadth of qualifications that make him a great hire on the Wolverine 3 team. Still, we can't help but feel that his casting is indeed a sort of comic relief capacity in the world of the X-Men franchise spin-off. Unless, of course, Merchant has been cast on the down low as a Mutant character that will prove to be quite useful to the film's plot.


At some point in May, director James Mangold and company are preparing to start production on Wolverine 3, so not only do we expect more casting to be announced really soon, but we also expect a preliminary synopsis to be released as well. Hopefully when that happens, we'll have more information on Stephen Merchant's role in the defining chapter to Logan's story. Until then, all we can do is count the days until Wolverine 3's March 3rd, 2017 release date. Though counting to the May 27th release date of X-Men: Apocalypse seems much easier, so we might just do that instead.

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