How Hugh Jackman Feels About Logan Being His Last Wolverine Movie

Hugh Jackman is Logan

Regardless of what happens with the Disney and Fox merger (which could be announced as early as Thursday, based on new reports), Hugh Jackman is done playing Wolverine. He's not going to come back as Logan in Avengers 4. He won't be part of an X-Men reboot if it happens at Marvel Studios. He had his opportunity to bring his take on the character to a natural conclusion in James Mangold's superior Logan. And when we recently sat down with Jackman to discuss The Greatest Showman, we referred to Logan as his ability to stick the landing, a phrase that he seemed to be hearing for the first time with regards to his Wolverine finale. Jackman told us:

I'm going to use that phrase. That's exactly how it feels. I feel like we've come close. We have had moments in the other movies that have come close. But for me, that movie was sticking the landing, and it feels great. I'm going to totally use that. Thank you!

How is it possible that this entire year, with critics and fans heaping praise on Hugh Jackman for his final portrayal of Wolverine, that NO ONE used the phrase "stick the landing" to describe what Jackman and James Mangold pulled off? A term used by gymnasts, it means pulling off the perfect ending... landing on your own two feet after a near-impossible vault or routine.

And really, that's what Logan was. It was a near-impossible finale for a character who had been through numerous cycles leading into the film. Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) had attempted a few solo movies, been part of multiple X-Men sequels, and still couldn't quite figure out how to ride off into that sunset, to give Jackman peace of mind at the end of his run. He and Mangold teamed up for an R-rated, grisly Wolverine adventure (also a departure from the PG-13 landscape of the X-Men films), and pulled no punches as they brought Wolvie's journey to its end. So stop all the conversation about a possible return. He's done. He stuck the landing.

Here is Hugh Jackman, mulling over that turn of phrase:

With Logan in his rear view, Hugh Jackman turns his attention to P.T. Barnum and the birth of the circus in this month's The Greatest Showman, which hits theaters on December 20. As this year closes out, we're already looking ahead to all of the amazing films coming in 2018. Bookmark our release schedule for 2018, so that you are prepared.

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