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Warner Bros. and DC’s upcoming Wonder Woman has been the source of much discussion, and though we know Gal Godot will play the titular Amazon warrior, and that she’ll show up in some capacity in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, there isn’t a whole lot else to tell. Though it looks like the production may have found its male lead in the form of Chris Pine.

Variety reports that Pine is in talks to join what will be the first female-fronted superhero movie to enter the current fray. Though Warner Bros. declined to comment on the matter, according to the trade’s sources, the Star Trek actor will play Steve Trevor, who, in the comics, Wonder Woman’s love interest throughout her origin story.

During World War II, Trevor, an intelligence officer in the U.S. Navy, crashes his plane on the remote, isolated Paradise Island. This just so happens to be the home of the Amazons, and in the process of nursing him back to health, Diana, better known as Wonder Woman, falls for the visitor from the outside world. When he leaves to return to his life, she follows, becoming both his coworker Diana Prince, and a totally badass superhero. Not a bad deal, though we’ll have to wait and see how this plays out in the movie.

Wonder Woman

Scott Eastwood, son of Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood, was rumored for this part for a time, but he is now part of another DC film that is in the works, David Ayer’s Suicide Squad. According to Variety’s sources, he went with this option because he was given a tough choice. He could have apparently tried out and tested for the Steve Trevor role, but it would have been just that, a try out, or they would hand him a guaranteed role in Suicide Squad. So many things can go wrong that it makes sense to take the definite work instead of hanging your hopes on a possibility, and it looks like that move opened the door for Pine.

Chris Pine is best known for taking over the role of Captain James T. Kirk in Paramount’s recent Star Trek reboots, so he’s no stranger to elevated expectations from rabid fans at this point. We’ve heard that the new DC Cinematic Universe will lean heavily on the "New 52" run, which means Steve Trevor could be around quite a bit. He has a connection to Amanda Waller, played by Viola Davis in Suicide Squad, is Diana’s liaison when she comes to Washington D.C., and also serves as a liaison to the Justice League, so it’s easy to see how he could figure into multiple movies already on the slate. His key relationship, however, is obviously going to be with Wonder Woman.

We’ll get our first look at Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice next year on March 26, 2016, and her first solo adventure follows on June 23, 2017.

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