The final leg of promotion for X-Men: Days Of Future Past is beginning, and fans are starting to salivate. A little more than a month before release, the picture is tracking to open in the nine figure range and become one of summer's biggest films. It had better, if rumors are true that it's Fox's most expensive film behind Avatar. Which is why the marketing needs to be in top form, reaching out to both the nerd hardcore and the people who eat at Carl's Jr.


Entertainment Weekly is getting in on the act by awarding the film with the prestigious cover for the Summer Movie Preview. This calls to mind the fact that 2000's X-Men had the exact same spot, just with more awkward poses: one recalls Shakesperean legend Sir Ian McKellan in a cape sticking out his hand and mincing with his teeth grinding together like a wild animal. It didn't look good for the superhero movie boom back then, but things sure have changed. Peculiar that Mystique, a character Marvel fans acknowledged as a pivotal but only supporting part in the X-series, has been turned by the movies into a marquee attraction. Putting her front-and-center when you've got X-legends and super studs Wolverine and Magneto behind her is an interesting strategy.

EW also has a featurette up about the new film, with some snippets of new footage (YO WHAZZUP COLOSSUS) contrasted with Bryan Singer's discussion of working with not only the older actors, but also the fresh new cast from First Class. He says,
What made me particularly excited about returning to the X-universe as a director is that I didn't have the opportunity to work with the younger cast of 'First Class' and also a chance to work with actors that I was so familiar with and had such a great experience with on X-Men 1 and 2. So I wanted to try to find a way to combine these two casts... for me it's sort of a personal opportunity to reach into the past myself... reunite with old friends."

Still not a whole lot of explanation regarding the time travel: Singer's take on the X-Men has always been grounded, so it would be interesting if the take on time-space manipulation was rooted in some real hard science and not comic book "he did the thing with the thing and whee!" logic.

Finally, this Sunday is the MTV Movie Awards, where X-Men: Days Of Future Past will have an exclusive sneak peak. This snippet posted online promises a whole ton of action, and maybe some extra kinky Mystique action, as well as a couple of shots of the young Col. Stryker. Could it be his character's assassination that sparks the implementation of the previously-exploratory Sentinel program? Is he going to be manipulated by Mystique? Is the film going to explain why he's a Southerner in X2: X-Men United but a Canadian in X-Men Origins: Wolverine?

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