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X-Men: First Class Sequel Plot Revealed?

Alright, X-Men fans, we need your help here. WIth the X-Men: First Class sequel now officially set for a July 2014 release date, it's time for us to start sorting through the rumors about the story and find out what to expect when Magneto, Professor X and all the rest return to the screen. AICN is kicking things off with a report from one of the most reliable sources of movie rumors-- the MPAA Title Registration Bureau. No, really. They've gotten wind that Fox has registered the title Days of Future Past, and while that might just be a catchy name containing no clues under other circumstances, the long history of the X-Men Universe tells us otherwise.

Days of Future Past is the title of a two-issue X-Men comics story arc from 1981, and the plot involved, as described by AICN, is basically like Back to the Future Part II. Kitty Pryde is warned by a future version of herself from an alternate timeline that if they don't stop a specific event-- the assassination of Senator Robert Kelly-- the mutants will all be incarcerated in internment camps. The X-Men team together to stop the Brotherhood-- the group of mutants led by Magneto-- from carrying out this plan. That helps bring back a lot of the main cast, those who split off with Magneto at the end of the last film and those who stuck with Professor X, as well as highlight the conflict between Professor X and Magneto that has highlighted all of the X-Men films so far.

There's no promises that they'll stick with that plot exactly, but if the title registration news turns out to be true, we'll likely be dealing with some sort of time travel in the next X-Men movie. Is this something you want to see? And if you're familiar with the comics arc, can you give us more detail of what to expect. Chime in with a comment letting us know what you think!

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