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You Know Who Is Pumped About Bill Murray Day? Bill Murray

Bill Murray is more than just a movie star – although his body of work in the field of cinema is certainly impressive – he’s one of the rare performers who’s transcended his medium and become a cultural icon in the process. Such a talent certainly deserves our love and admiration, which is exactly what Murray will receive today as part of "Bill Murray Day" at the Toronto International Film Festival.

The star, who generally shies away from such events in favor of making unannounced appearances at weddings, karaoke parties, and taking part in one of the greatest Reddit AMAs of all time, will actually be in Toronto today to soak up the adulation of fans who love and admire his work. THR reveals that the actor will be on hand to participate in Q&A sessions after screenings of Ghostbusters, and his upcoming release St. Vincent, which is making its world premiere at the festival. We hope he’s ready for about ten billion questions about Ghostbusters 3

TWC boss Harvey Weinstein is understandably ecstatic about the eccentric star’s decision to attend the event since it will assuredly generate even more interest in St. Vincent, which finds Bill Murray playing a man of questionable life choices who befriends a young boy who moves in next door. The feature sort of looks like an American version of Takeshi Kitano’s Kikujiro. Just mentioning that now has me longing for a Kitano/Murray collaboration. Here’s what Weinstein had to say about the announcement:

"He’s a true one-of-a-kind. Toronto’s celebration dedicated to the man is well-deserved, and we are immensely excited that he’ll be there in the flesh to celebrate with us and his huge legion of fans."

You can check out the trailer for St. Vincent below...

Murray isn’t the only celebrity who will be around to take part in the festivities. Directors Ivan Reitman and Mitch Glazer (Scrooged) will also be in town to celebrate with their friend. According to Reitman, it’s a rare opportunity to see his pal – who still doesn’t have an agent or any of the traditional trappings of a megastar in Hollywood. In fact, it seems like you might have a better chance of getting to spend some quality time with Bill Murray if he doesn’t know you and just stumbles across you doing something that looks like fun.

If you’re in Toronto and want to attend, the Bell Lightbox will be ground zero for all things Bill Murray today. The theater will host screenings of Stripes, Ghostbusters, Groundhog Day, and the world premiere of St. Vincent. The latter film opens wide on October 24.