How's this for a dream come true. You're 18 years old, you start recording songs for your brother's benefit and putting them on YouTube, and then all of a sudden you're an Internet celebrity. And then, just when you start thinking you're popular, Judd friggin' Apatow comes knocking on your door.

Bo Burnham, who just graduated high school in the spring, has been recruited by Universal to write music for a project that Apatow plans to produce. The Hollywood Reporter refers to the project as an anti-High School Musical, though they're careful to note that it's not a parody-- thank God for that.

You can find a whole lot of Bo on YouTube, but check out this clip below if you've never heard of him (which I hadn't 10 minutes ago). Listen to those sexually explicit-yet-adorably-geeky rap lyrics, and tell me this kid isn't an Apatow apostle in the waiting.

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