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For most men, staying single is the easiest thing in the world. They just go about their days, put in little to no effort with women and their Facebook statuses do not change. With almost unfair good looks and solid natural charm, the efforts of men like Zac Efron to stay single are apparently taxing and treacherous enough to form a comedy.

The former High School Musical star has been cast as the lead in Are We Officially Dating?, a laugher about three friends who promise each other they’ll stay single. Of course, each is given an opportunity to fall in love almost immediately, and assumedly, at least one will follow through on that opportunity.

Rising star Tom Gormican will direct for the first time from the script he wrote. The subject matter might sound goofy and a bit stupid, but according to The Hollywood Reporter, it was the top rated comedy on the Black List a few years back. Production will begin in November, and if all goes according to plan, QED International will have already secured foreign buyers by that point.

We should know much more about where this project is headed once Efron’s buddies get cast. If they’re both equally as handsome, then this movie really will be a desperate attempt to stay single. If they’re goofy, average dude comedians, then some of the characters will be trying a lot harder to stay single than others.

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