Zoe Saldana To Be Half-Angel In Dominion

Zoe Saldaña in Special Ops: Lioness
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This week Zoe Saldana is hitting theaters in Luc Besson written/produced Colombiana. While Saldana isn't a novice in the action film genre - both Avatar and The Losers had the actress doing some pretty sweet moves, her newest does a pretty substantial job raising her career body count. Now, according to THR, she's signed on to a project called Dominion, but judging by her character description she probably won't be killing anybody.

While story details about the project are slim, Saldana will be playing a character that is "half-human, half-angel" (we can only pray that its better than the cinematic abortion known as Passion Play, in which Megan Fox played someone with a similar description). Saldana has also signed on to produce the project. The movie is based on a pitch by Dean McCreary and Chester Hastings, who seem to have a thing for partially-religious stories as the pair wrote an early draft of the upcoming Machine Gun Preacher also co-wrote a film called You're My Angel, which is also currently in development. The project doesn't seem to have a director attached, but Robbie Brenner is also signed on to produce.

Though Colombiana suffers from some bland, generic writing, Saldana does show that she has real chops. Up until now she's really only played secondary characters in blockbusters, like Star Trek and the aforementioned Avatar, but it's hard to deny that she has a star quality, not to mention the talent and looks. Let's just hope this project has a better script. The only real question I have: if an angel is basically a human with wings, what does a half-human, half-angel look like?

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