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The Zoolander 2 Trailer Teaser Is As Ridiculous As You Hoped

If you thought the first Zoolander 2 teaser was the most ridiculous thing you've ever seen, you're probably right. Which makes the latest peek at Derek and Hansel's return to the world of fashion all the more beautiful, as you'll see that it matches the previous trailer pound for pound when it comes to good looking insanity.

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Derek dropped the first look at his latest adventure on his Instagram feed, because if you're anyone who's anyone these days, that's the way you do it. This time out, Zoolander 2 ditched the philosophical angle the first trailer indulged in, giving us a blast of fashion action as our two favorite models hit the runway as partners. Cue the hot dance music and catwalk moves that only Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson's model protagonists would know how to bring.

Of course, this is merely a taste of the full length trailer that's aiming to drop at some point tomorrow. Even the Instagram post promises "at least 11 million times" the action that we're seeing displayed in the clip above. With a video of that magnitude, we'll probably see the answers to the world's greatest questions: what are we here for, where do we go when the world doesn't answer that first question, and what comes after "Blue Steel?" Or maybe, at the very least, we'll see what happened to Christine Taylor's Mathilda Jeffries and little Derek Jr.

Considering the last film saw Derek and Hansel leaving modeling for a better life, something huge must have happened to bring them back to the world of fashion. A lot can happen in 14 years, and knowing those two there's probably a lot of crazy history that's been happened since the last time we saw them in theaters. Though as much as we enjoyed the film, we wouldn't mind a witty jab at how audiences abandonned The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty, only for Ben Stiller to make a return to the franchise that's gained a hell of a cult following since its original theatrical release back in 2001. If there were anyone who could openly mock a personal failure, and do it with a smile, it would certainly be the man who created Tugg Speedman.

Tomorrow's brand new look at Zoolander 2 is bound to be exciting for one simple reason: both humor and fashion have changed so much since the first film's inception. With an older, wiser Ben Stiller behind the camera, it'll be interesting to see what revisiting such an iconic character will look like in a post Tropic Thunder world. However, it is comforting to know that both Stiller and Owen Wilson can do the robot just as hysterically as they could back in the day. For now though, we'll just keep watching the groundbreaking, Billy Zane induced walk off from the first film. Surely that should hold us all over for the next couple of hours, right?

Zoolander 2 will change the way you look at the fashion world again on February 12, 2016.

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