Zoolander 2 Just Added Billy Zane, Hopefully To Say 'It's A Walk Off' Again

The first Zoolander featured a large number of rather great cameos, from Vince Vaughn to David Duchovny. But while we can't say at this point if most of them will be coming back for the sequel, at least one has now been confirmed: Billy Zane is coming back for Zoolander 2 everyone!

Of course, this is no ordinary casting announcement. Ben Stiller, who is directing, producing and starring in the upcoming sequel, took to his personal Instagram account to reveal the big news, and did so in video format this time around:

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As alluded to earlier, Billy Zane didn't exactly have the biggest role in Zoolander, but his part was definitely memorable (despite having very few lines). Playing himself as a guest a Hollywood party, Zane finds himself getting in the middle of a rather ugly confrontation between Zoolander and Hansel, which leads to the world's most hardcore version of high-stakes model competition. Or as Billy Zane would put it,

Provided that Zoolander 2 doesn't wind up going overboard with its references to the events that happened in the first movie, we would take no issue with Zane repeating this great line.

Billy Zane is joining a cast that included multiple actors from the first Zoolander, as well as some fresh faces. In addition to Stiller reprising his role as Derek Zoolander, the feature will also see the return of Owen Wilson's Hansel, Will Ferrell's Mugatu and Christine Taylor's Matilda Jeffries. Newcomers include Penelope Cruz - who was finally officially announced last week - and newcomer Cyrus Arnold as Derek's son.

Zoolander 2, which is working with a script written by Justin Theroux (Tropic Thunder), is currently in production, but it doesn't seem like the film is 100 percent ready to stop making big casting announcements. Stay tuned to hear about more stars that may sign on to the project - though we hope that these posts don't t wind up ruining some of the film's surprises. We'll just have to wait and see how it all comes together when Paramount Pictures finally releases the highly-anticipated sequel in theaters on February 12, 2016. Are you excited yet?

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