Two weekends in, and Zootopia is still the biggest movie in the world. It created a whole new world for its characters to exist in. While much of the city of Zootopia seemed fully realized, it still left fans with a handful of questions about how it all worked. Now, we have a few more answers.

One of Zootopia’s directors, Byron Howard, took to Twitter to answer five popular questions about the movie as well as about larger aspects of the world he helped create. Let’s dig a little deeper into Zootopia.

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What’s Nicholas P. Wilde’s Middle Name?

Answer: Piberius. An homage to James Tiberius Kirk.

At a couple points in the film, we see Nick Wilde’s full name listed as Nicholas P. Wilde. If the thing you’ve been dying to know is what P stands for, you probably didn’t guess the answer. Apparently, the filmmakers were big Star Trek fans, and wanted to pay tribute to William Shatner’s most famous character. So, his full name is Nicholas Piberius Wilde. Maybe we’ll discover that Nick is a big sci-fi fan in a future sequel. Either that, or he totally hates it.

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