In the upcoming comedy What’s Your Number?, which we singled out in our "we can't wait until September" preview, clever cutie Anna Faris works her way back through her past sexual conquests in hopes of discovering the soul mate she’s convinced she overlooked the first time out. Now that you know the concept, the blunt French poster for the film will make more sense (and probably make you laugh):

Ah, Europe. So liberal. So free. And they know that sex sells, so more people will line up to see Faris and Evans in Sex List than the generically titled What’s Your Number? I don’t even get the reference. Is it to phone numbers? Are her ex-lovers numbered? And have you seen the trailer? Is there any doubt in the world that she won’t end up with Chris Evans? I mean, he’s Captain America, for chrissakes!

You know, we keep waiting for Faris to find the one comedy that will play up to her potential, the well of enthusiasm and comedic timing those who like her have been writing about since Scary Movie, The Hot Chick and, especially, Lost in Translation. But lately, it has been more Yogi Bear then Just Friends, and that just isn’t going to cut it. Maybe Number turns this thing around. Evans should prove to be a solid foil for the first half, and a charming love interest for the second half. Changing the film’s title to Sex List can only help, though.

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