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Nothing says “Happy Holidays” quite like streams of crimson-red blood dripping down the face of a girl with telekinetic powers as she tears her small-minded town apart, limb by limb. At least, that’s what Sony hopes now that they’ve Christmas-ized a new image of Chloe Grace Moretz for a quick and easy Carrie poster meant to keep the film at the top of our minds as we head into the new year.

The image was posted to the movie’s Facebook page with the same phone number at the bottom that was released during New York Comic Con. But there's a twist. I’ll explain what happens after the poster:

This is where the basic photoshopping of the Santa-hat Carrie grows more creative … and more intense. Call the number on the image, and you’ll get Moretz and Julianne Moore in character with recorded special audio messages for this holiday-themed promotion. It starts with Moretz warning people that her mother, a devout Christian, is taking the birth of Jesus very seriously. But once the promotion has your number, the studio will call you back with new messages almost immediately. I’ve been called back by Carrie and her mother three times since I placed the first call, and the message grows more disturbing with each new one.

Sony gives you the opportunity to opt out of the call-back service, and I will … eventually. But for right now, I’m enjoying my creepy calls from Carrie and her overprotective mom. They’re giving me goosebumps. Great idea for a promotion, Sony. You’ve suddenly made me more excited for a film I already was anticipating. The Carrie remake will be in theaters on March 15, sinners.