Seven months ago, the G.I. Joe sequel, Retaliation, generated a slew of headlines for potentially the wrong reason. The movie was being delayed, and it might have been for a post-3D conversion or to add Channing Tatum back into the fold. Either way, the sequel’s closer to its 2013 release date and so the marketing campaign is able to kick back into a higher gear.

Audiences heading to theaters this weekend for Paramount’s Jack Reacher likely will see the full trailer on screen or the poster on the wall. Overseas, they’re going to get a good look at a slightly different international poster, which showcases the heroes AND the villains. Check it out below, via

Bruce Willis, the biggest star in the ensemble, takes center stage despite the fact that he wasn’t part of the original film. And Tatum – who’s a bigger star now than he was back then – is showcased as part of the team. The color scheme takes on that hot-and-cold, gold-and-silver contrast. It goes with some of the sequences pulled from the trailer, primarily that ice ninjas battle on the side of a cliff.

And the trailer, if I’m being honest, is pretty great. The London sequence, which decimates the territory around the Thames, is incredibly convincing. There’s just enough cornball machismo to make it a fun G.I. Joe movie. And Jon M. Chu’s taking over for Stephen Sommers (The Mummy) … which has to be a step up. The sequel now has a March 29, 2013 release date. Look out for the trailer, and tell us if you are excited for the return of Joe.

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