The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 may be releasing into theaters later this week, but Stephenie Meyer fans will still have something to look forward to after the final feature adaptation of her popular vampire series debutes. Arriving in theaters next year is The Host, a film based on Meyer's non-vampire-related novel, which is set on earth after aliens have taken over the bodies of most of the human population. The trailer for The Host is expected to arrive this week, fittingly just ahead of the premiere of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2, the conclusion to the feature adaptations of Stephenie Meyer's other novels. And ahead of that, there's a new poster for the movie.

Directed by Andrew Niccol and based on Meyer's novel, The Host stars Saoirse Ronan as two characters, Wanderer and Melanie. Wanderer is the name of the alien "Soul" that has inhabited the body of Melanie, the woman she was before she was occupied. Melanie should have vacated her body when it was taken over, but she refuses to do so, making Wanderer's adaptation to human life difficult, to say the least. And that's just the beginning.

Here's the new poster, via Fandango.

"Choose to Believe. Choose to Fight. Choose to Love.

It looks like they're hinting at the love triangle here, by focusing on Melanie/Wanderer front and center, and putting Max Irons' Jared and Jake Abel's Ian behind her. That strategy worked for Summit with Twilight, so perhaps Open Road is taking a similar approach. Though it's probably technically more of a love-square (quadrangle?) since there are two characters behind Saoirse Ronan's glowing eyes.

Max Irons plays Jared, Melanie's boyfriend, Diane Kruger plays the role of the Seeker, a Soul whose job it is to track down wild humans. Also among the cast are Jake Abel (as Ian), Chandler Canterbury as Melanie's brother Jamie, and William Hurt as Melanie's Uncle Jeb. We'll share the trailer once it becomes available. You may also want to check out tonight's episode of Access Hollywood, as the entertainment show is set to feature the film.

The Host arrives in theaters March 29, 2013. More information and photos can be found in our Blend Film Database.

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