Who Deadpool 2 Should Use As Its Main Villain, According To Ed Skrein

It's been four months since Deadpool hit theaters, but fans have been spending almost that exact amount of time speculating what Deadpool 2 holds in store. Aside from Cable, no new characters have been officially confirmed yet, including the main antagonist. However, if you ask Ed Skrein, who played the recently deceased Ajax, he wants the Merc with the Mouth to face Taskmaster when the Deadpool sequel arrives.

Speaking recently with IGN, Skrein said how he'd love for Deadpool and Taskmaster to battle each other in live action, citing how their dynamic offers a lot of chances to "riff," and how unlike Wade Wilson, Taskmaster has absolutely no morals. He added:

He's a hilarious character, and he looks so cool, you know? The skull head, the hood, and his superpower is he can copy anyone's fighting style; can you imagine that visually? If he fought Deadpool and started whipping things around and doing all the flips, and then he fought Wolverine? It would be phenomenal - he's an incredible character.

Taskmaster's special ability is being able to copy any physical movement that he sees (excluding incredible superpowers) thanks to his artificially enhanced muscle memory. This "talent" has resulted in him becoming a master in many forms of combat, and during his years as a villain, he's thrown down against Deadpool more times than he probably cares to count. One of the reasons Wade Wilson is so particularly troublesome to Taskmaster is because he because the Merc's crazy behavior makes it impossible for Taskmaster to predict what his next attack will be. While primarily known as a mercenary, Taskmaster has also served as a combat instructor at both terrorist organizations and (surprisingly) at S.H.I.E.L.D.


Unfortunately for Ed Skrein, the chances of Taskmaster showing up in Deadpool 2 are zero right now. Several years back, around the time that the rights to Daredevil returned to Marvel, the studio also got Taskmaster back. Now he belongs in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, though whether they'll use him for the big screen or a television project remains to be seen. Regardless, unless Fox and Marvel strike up some kind of deal, there's no way that we'll be seeing those two battle in the theater. We'll have to leave their fights to the comics and video games. Of course, that doesn't necessarily preclude Ryan Reynolds' iteration of Wade Wilson from making a vague comment about him during the sequel.

Deadpool 2's release date hasn't been announced yet, but currently, Fox has two Marvel-related movies scheduled for March 2, 2018 and June 29, 2018, so it's a good bet that the sequel will take one of those spots if production is able to kick off soon.

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