Ryan Reynolds Helps To Rip Deadpool In The Funniest Honest Trailer Yet

While the team over at Screen Junkies is always good for a couple of solid laughs, they’ve outdone themselves with their newest trailer, for Deadpool. After all, how does one make jokes about a film which already is one of the funniest things we’ve seen in years? It turns out you do it by getting Ryan Reynolds to help you out and make jokes with you. Check out the Honest Trailer for Deadpool right now, then watch it again. It’s that funny.

Even after Deadpool’s remarkable success, it’s still a shock to see just how big a movie it really was. Deadpool is currently the highest grossing movie of the year in North America and only a handful of comic book movies have ever done better. Even the epic team of Batman and Superman, the two biggest names in the history of the genre, couldn’t overtake the merc with a mouth. It’s clear, as the trailer points out, that R-rated superhero movies are likely to become more common. Although, if Aquaman actually does make a sperm whale joke, we’ll be more than a little surprised.

It’s at this point that Deadpool himself, Ryan Reynolds, makes his presence felt in the trailer. He throws in several of his own jokes, including laughing about the movie would have ended much quicker, and with significantly less bloodshed if that idiot Wade Wilson had just talked to Vanessa like a damn grown-up. Of course, if he had, we would have missed out on all the fun.

Is the plot as "by-the-numbers" as the trailer says? Sure it is, but that’s hardly the point, though it is worth pointing out. There’s nothing wrong with accepting the fact that good movies have flaws, unless you’re on the internet. Although Deadpool doesn’t care for that sort of talk. In fact, he gets rather salty. What exactly is a "turbo boner" anyway? Is that the sort of erectile dysfunction that Deadpool apparently cures? #Deadpole.

The best part, however, has to be when the Honest Trailer gets to the credits. Ryan Reynolds seems to admit that the hilarious opening credits sequence to Deadpool, which referred to Reynolds as "God’s Perfect Idiot" and called director Tim Miller "An Overpaid Tool," was "borrowed" from Screen Junkies. Apparently, Honest Trailers appeared in Deadpool long before Deadpool showed up in this Honest Trailer.

While we’d still rather laugh at Deadpool than at other people laughing at it, this is one of the funnier pieces we’ve seen in awhile. In fact, we’re going to go watch it again.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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