Looks Like We Have Another Famous Contender For Cable In Deadpool 2

Ever since a bathrobe-clad Deadpool declared in his after credits scene that Deadpool 2 would have Cable in it, plenty of actors have stepped forward wanting to play the X-Men badass. This is probably the most attention Cable has gotten since the 90’s. The latest actor to throw his hat into the ring is Adam Copeland, but wrestling fans may know him better as Edge. Copeland recently responded to a fan, who felt it would be interesting to see the former wrestler put on a different kind of tights. Apparently, Copeland thought it was an interesting idea as well.

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I’m not a big wrestling fan, so I can’t say I know much about Edge, but if we’re going by appearance alone then I can definitely see it. Gray the hair a little, give him a single glowing eye and a bunch of guns and pouches, then you’ve got yourself a solid looking Cable. I’m not sure if Copeland’s wrestling character has ever dealt with time travel or experienced any psychic powers, but if so then he’s got a leg up on the rest of the competition.


If Adam Copeland is putting his name out there, then he joins a pretty unique list of names who are running the Cable race. 80’s action star Dolph Lundgren voiced his desire to kick some ass again, and Stephen Lang almost immediately tweeted his wish to play the character after Deadpool came out. Also, Keira Knightley is somehow in the running, but she does have range, so who knows?

Cable is a pretty difficult role to cast, with an even more difficult backstory to adapt for the movies. His backstory is arguably one of the most convoluted in comics. He’s Scott Summers and Jean Grey’s clone's (didn’t lose you yet, did I?) son from the future, who’s made it his mission in life to kill Apocalypse. He has psionic powers and suffers from a biotechnical disease, which basically means he’s part machine. Also, he has guns coming out the wazoo and he’s the living representation of 80’s-90’s comic books.

Deadpool 2 is likely to change some, if not most, of these aspects of the character, while keeping his core personality intact. He has a very straight-laced personality, so he often works as a foil to the more noisy Deadpool. Then again, Deadpool subverted a lot of what we expect from superhero movies, so they could opt to keep Cable’s crazy backstory and use how complicated it is for humor.

Deadpool 2 has a tentative release date for 2017, so there’s still some time for the writers (the returning Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick) to figure out the Cable situation. Tim Miller will return to direct alongside Ryan Reynolds who reprises his role as Deadpool.

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