How Jurassic World 2 Is Keeping Its Secrets, According To Bryce Dallas Howard

Jurassic World Bryce Dallas Howard

After the massive success of Jurassic World last summer, its upcoming sequel -- temporarily known as Jurassic World 2 - is without question one of the most anticipated movies currently in development. Of course, that means that the project has to take serious considerations where detail leaks are concerned, and one star has revealed exactly how it's doing that. According to Bryce Dallas Howard, information about Jurassic World 2 is being kept hidden by basically not being communicated about in written form.

The actress recently took part in an early press day for her upcoming movie Pete's Dragon, and I had the pleasure of sitting down with her for an interview. After a long discussion about her work on the Disney movie (more on that in a bit), we concluded the chat talking about Jurassic World 2 and director J.A. Bayona taking the helm. Bryce Dallas Howard mentioned that she's been communicating with the filmmaker, and that she was actually going to be seeing Jurassic World director/producer Colin Trevorrow later that day, but also noted that it's weird talking about the sequel because of the restrictions on communication. She explained,

Whenever I have the chance to be around that group, that crew I like get information. [laughter] J.A.'s over in Europe right now, so I haven't seen him in person. I'm sure he wouldn't... because you know what, the emailing and texting, you can't go on record. You can't write anything down, commit to anything in writing. So, tonight I'll just be like, 'Can you verbally explain to me what's happening?' But we'll shoot it next year.

Studios and filmmakers are constantly looking for ways to prevent details about their upcoming projects leaking to the public, and one could see this being a very effective way. Sure, one can imagine that there's a risk of some material getting scrambled if stuff isn't being written down, but not putting anything in texts, emails or memos means that nobody is going to see material they aren't going to see (and at the most extreme level, it's safe from hackers).

Jurassic World 2 has been seriously in the works for a while now, with J.A. Bayona coming aboard about four months ago. As Bryce Dallas Howard mentioned, the plan is to start filming next year, with Universal Pictures having put a flag in a June 22, 2018 release date. Howard will reprise her role as Claire Dearing, and Chris Pratt will be back as Owen Grady, and while Colin Trevorrow told us that a big theme of the movie will be the proliferation of dinosaurs, not much is known beyond that.

We'll hopefully have more news for you about Jurassic World soon, but you can next see Bryce Dallas Howard in theaters in Pete's Dragon, which will be arriving in theaters on August 12th.

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