Ron Lester, Better Known As Billy Bob In Varsity Blues, Is In Critical Condition

Billy Bob

Just because an actor doesn't go onto to worldwide fame doesn't mean they'll never end up earning recognition for one of their roles. Case in point, Ron Lester, who is best known for playing Billy Bob in the 1999 sports film Varsity Blues. It's been a while since Lester has had a major role in movies and television, but now there's news that he's in grave health.

Earlier today, TMZ reported that the 45-year-old Ron Lester is in the hospital in "critical condition." He has apparently been there for four months, and his health has been declining since then. As of now, the situation isn't looking good. Lester previously mentioned that he was hospitalized back in November due to "liver issues," and in January, he told TMZ that he was dealing with heart complications, but seemed to be in good spirits. However, all these, including weight and kidney problems, have taken a toll on his health.

As mentioned earlier, Ron Lester's main claim to fame is as Billy Bob in Varsity Blues (opens in new tab). In that movie, Billy Bob was the the most powerful player on the West Canaan High School football team. His character made quite the impression of those who watched it, whether it was his quarterback skills on the field or his drunken shenanigans off the field. You can see the prime example of the latter below.

In the midst of the story revolving around James Van Der Beek's Jonathon "Mox" Moxon and his fellow students' personal struggles, Billy Bob's biggest moment arguably came at the end, when he scored the winning touchdown near the end, which you watch for yourself.

Before Varsity Blues, Lester appeared in Good Burger, and afterwards, he portrayed Reggie Ray in Not Another Teen Movie, who was almost an exact copy of Billy Bob. He also starred as Sugar Daddy Bernardino in The WB's Popular, as well as had a recurring role as Seidleman in the cult TV series Freaks and Geeks and guest starred on CSI: NY.

We here at Cinema Blend hope that Ron Lester somehow gets better soon and will keep him and his family in our thoughts. If you're a fan of his work, make sure to leave a comment below either expressing your support for a miraculous recovery or sharing one of your favorite moments of him on or offscreen.

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