Finding Dory In The Style Of Game Of Thrones Is Sick And Hilarious, Watch It Now

Disney's long awaited sequel Finding Dory is currently in theaters and is ready to make you laugh, cry, and just keep swimming. What makes Disney Animation such a unique studio is its ability to cater to both the kids in the audience, as well as turn the adults into blubbering puddles of emotion. Even more unique is how the darker themes that are present in almost every Disney animated movie tend to totally go over kids' heads. Except for The Lion King...that was rough. In fact, Finding Nemo opens with Marlin's wife and the majority of his children being murdered by a nearby predator.

This fact was perhaps what inspired youtuber MrStratman7 to produce a new trailer for Finding Dory, in the style of HBO's violent and sexual fantasy romp Game of Thrones. While these two pieces are certainly very different, their combination makes for hilarious results. Check it out.

I mean, come on. This trailer is comedic gold, and it was done to near perfection by MrStratman7.

The trailer opens with some seriously sad string music, which is pretty standard for any given episode of Game of Thrones. Marlin declares that "it's over" and his terribly defeated tone makes me think the clownfish might be related to the ever shrinking Stark family. Dory then tries to stop Marlin from leaving whatever situation he is in before things truly start to get chaotic.

From there, the lines and images begin to differ from anything we've seen in either Finding Nemo or Finding Dory. When Gill appears, Willem Defoe's character, dialogue is used that isn't quite appropriate for a Disney fish to be saying. Some lines from another Defoe movie is utilized to create a fictitious power struggle between the fish and their respective houses. Dory then discusses the death of a young boy (yeah... they killed off Nemo) and what that means to the other characters. This audio is presumably from an Ellen segment where she addressed a tragedy.

From that point, MrStratman7 goes on to make some digs at George R.R. Martin for his glacial writing pace. The trailer introduces this fictional movie with the following:

From George R.R. Martin. A screenplay that's still being written.

Zing! The trailer only continues to descent into madness through the use of some tricky editing. Blood is added to classic Finding Nemo scenes, including making Bruce's teeth bloody, and giving Dory's jellyfish wound some gore as well. Check out gnarly Bruce below.

Overall, the mixture of Finding Nemo's graphics and the gory and violent world of Game of Thrones is absolutely hilarious. They even covered the nudity by making Allison Janey's starfish character have blurred out breasts.

Game of Thrones airs Sundays on HBO and Finding Dory is currently in theaters.

Corey Chichizola
Movies Editor

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