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While movie stars, directors, and the like may seem very distant from the world we moviegoers watch, Hollywood is a relatively small and intimate community. As such, when loss occurs it resonates throughout the country, affecting each player where they are. And the Hollywood community is struck with grief today after reports of actor Anton Yelchin's untimely and tragic death. In an attempt to grieve and celebrate the life of the talented young actor, many members of this community have taken to their respective social media accounts. In particular, those involved in the Star Trek trilogy, which will continue with Star Trek Beyond have been especially vocal at this time, starting with the official Star Trek twitter account, which posted a touching tribute. Additionally, Star Trek's website did a lovely write up about his journey through the galaxy.

While the image was visually beautiful and the sentiment was lovely, Anton Yelchin's Star Trek costars and collaborators got a bit more deep. They put a light on the character and talent that Yelchin embodied on a daily basis, and spread their love for the young actor out for all of the world to see. _Star Trek Beyond'_s director voiced his grief for Yelchin, as well as costars John Cho, Karl Urban, and Zachary Quinto. And J.J. Abrams also extended sympathy and kindness...

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In addition to the Star Trek company members who have posted their thoughts for Anton Yelchin's tragic passing, filmmaking and writing greats like Stephen King and Brett Ratner have also made their voices heard.

We here at Cinema Blend would like to echo our condolences to Anton Yelchin's family and friends. He was a truly talented young actor and, if the sentiments from his community and colleagues are any indication, a special and friendly person.

You can see Anton's posthumous appearance in Star Trek Beyond starting July 22nd, 2016.