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With the return of the Star Wars universe in a big way, fans have the chance to get countless more stories told inside one of their favorite fictional universes. That's not the only new opportunity of course. Due to the acquiring of Lucasfilm by Disney, there is no longer a single man in charge of the vision of what that universe will look like. More people make the decisions, and more people will have the opportunity to be part of the galaxy far, far away. One director, however, is not interested in joining the saga. Steven Spielberg says he'll never make a Star Wars movie.

While Steven Spielberg has been part of some of the biggest franchises in the history of film, he's apparently not interested in taking a spin in the biggest franchise in all of movie history. The director of The BFG tells the Toronto Sun that the genre simply isn't for him, and he's content to simply sit in the audience and enjoy the movies with the rest of is.

I'm never going to make a Star Wars film. That's not my genre. It's certainly my buddy's --- the Thomas Edison of science fiction, George Lucas, who created the entire series. But that was never for me. I'm just a fan; I'm just with everybody else in the audience watching them.

When Steven Spielberg says it's "not my genre" we're not exactly sure what he's referring to. He seems to be saying that science fiction is not his genre, but that's simply not true. Steven Spielberg is the man behind Minority Report, War of the Worlds, and Close Encounters of the Third Kind. He knows science fiction. Yeah, A.I. was awful but everybody makes bad movies now and then. Also, we're just not sure that Star Wars belongs in the science fiction category. While it takes place in outer space, most of its tropes fall much cleaner into the fantasy category. Prophecies, ancient religions, and the Force, which is essentially magic, are not in your typical sci-fi story.

Star Wars

This likely isn't posturing either. Steven Spielberg has said that it was a conversation between himself and Lucasfilm's Kathleen Kennedy which led to them approaching J.J. Abrams to direct Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Certainly, if Spielberg had wanted that job he could have just told Kennedy, and he would presumably have been given it. Do you turn down Steven Spielberg when he offers to direct your movie? No, no you do not. If he turned around tomorrow and said he wanted to do it, Lucasfilm would trip over themselves bringing him Star Wars scripts.

While we may never get to see Steven Spielberg's take on Star Wars, we still get to see the vision of several different directors over the next several years. Gareth Edwards is bringing us Rogue One: A Star Wars Story later this year. Rian Johnson is responsible for Star Wars: Episode VIII and Chris Miller and Phil Lord have the helm of the Han Solo standalone film.

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