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The Rock's New Fast And Furious 8 Vehicle is Cooler Than You Can Imagine

While the Fast & Furious franchise is full of great action heroes like Vin Diesel and Jason Statham, the real stars of the films are the cars. Having said that, we're not exactly sure how fast The Rock's new ride is, but it sure looks furious. It's fitting for a guy who looks like he could walk through a wall to drive something that looks like it could take down a building. Get your eyes on Fast 8's Ice Ram.

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This Ice Ram leads to a number of interesting questions about the production of Fast 8. What exactly is this going to be used for? We know that Fast 8 was filming in Iceland recently, as they inadvertently killed a horse there a couple months back (no, really), so we're going to guess that this beast of a machine was used for whatever they were doing there. It is summer in Iceland, just as it is in the rest of the northern hemisphere, so it's not quite as cold as its name might imply, but the horse in question was killed by a prop iceberg, so whatever they filmed there was apparently set in a cold climate. Anyway, it makes more sense than putting the Ice Ram on the streets of Cleveland, which is where filming for Fast 8 has been more recently.

Regardless, we know now with certainty that some portion of Fast 8 will be taking place in the snow and ice. Can you put snow chains on a muscle car? If a large part of the film takes place in the snow, the film may not be quite as fast as its title implies. At the same time, it's important to keep variety in your films and when you're on the eighth film in your franchise, eventually you just end up driving on every stretch of asphalt in the world and have to find something new to do.

While we know where the Fast & Furious team has been, we still have little idea what they're all actually up to. We know that Charlize Theron has been cast as the primary bad guy in Fast 8, but we don't know much about who the character will be. All we know is the character's name, Cipher, which is suitably cryptic. Other new editions to the ensemble cast include Helen Mirren. She had previously expressed interest in playing a villain in the franchise, though previous indications have been that Theron's character would be running things solo, so it's unclear what the plan for Mirren is.

We're certainly looking forward to seeing The Rock take this beast for a spin. What do you think about the newest member of the vehicular cast of Fast 8 ?

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