Green Bay Packers Fans Are Finally Getting A Movie, With Actual Packers Players

Green Bay Packers

Of all the teams in the National Football League, the Green Bay Packers may have the most supportive fans, the city owns the team after all. So it makes sense that the players would return that support. A new film that tells the story of an avid, real life, Green Bay Packers fan will include several of the actual players, all portraying themselves in the film.

The film is called The 60-Yard Line and is based on the life of Tim Lucke, who actually purchased a house in Green Bay, Wisconsin with a back door that opens on the parking lot of the Packers home stadium, Lambeau Field. Lucke is friends with filmmaker Ryan Churchill, who became inspired to make the indie comedy based on this idea. According to Deadline, Churchill reached out through the local Green Bay sports community to try and get as many players as possible involved in the filming. Packers fullback John Kuhn and former right tackle Mark Tauscher were already involved with the project because they became actual friends of Tim Lucke. The three had mutual acquaintances and ended up hanging out at the house together after games, so it appears this is a case of art imitating life. Defensive End Michael Montgomery is actually an actor now, he has a part in Ang Lee's upcoming film Billy Lynn's Halftime Walk, so he naturally wanted to be involved. Former running back Ahman Green will also appear.

The film will be about two friends, Ben "Zagger" Zagowski and Nick "Polano" Polano, who purchase the house together. A "football fan party life" then follows. One of the characters ends up having to choose between this lifestyle and a girl. The movie is currently in post-production and is looking at a September release date, just in time for the start of football season.

The Green Bay Packers players aren't the only athletes who will be appearing in the film. Former UFC champ Chuck Liddell will also be appearing. It's not exactly clear how that happened, but Liddell found out about the project and wanted to be involved. He was in attendance at Green Bay's 2010 Super Bowl win, so he's apparently one of the fans the film is aimed toward.

The 60-Yard Line sounds like a perfectly cute little indie comedy. With the story being so geared toward the Green Bay Packers and their fans it's not clear if the story will be quite broad enough for everybody to enjoy. Although, as an indie film, it may not be designed for everybody to enjoy. If the film's jokes are designed to get laughs from Packer fans alone, that's ok. The team has one of the most storied histories in sports. They can have a movie, too.

Dirk Libbey
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