Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman: Ultimate Edition cut landed on digital today, giving fans the opportunity to plow through a longer, R-rated cut of the superhero blockbuster, as well as numerous additional features that explain the making of the film. Because Dawn of Justice is supposed to lead into the Justice League movie, there's a piece of concept art included in the special features that shows off what the team will look like once they are gathered together. And while some of the heroes look similar to what we were able to see during our recent set visit to Snyder's Justice League movie, other costumes look VERY different, leading me to believe that this is early concept art that has definitely changed and evolved over time.

First, here's the artwork, without a watermark, as provided by the Twitter account @nighthawkj2:

Looks like the Justice League, right? And it is, though I can tell you that there are subtle but distinct differences to these heroes that I managed to see on the set of Justice League that are NOT reflected properly in this art.

Right off the bat, I can tell you that the Trinity -- Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman -- look very similar to what was shown to us on the set of Justice League. Wonder Woman's costume, in particular, doesn't look like it changed too drastically from Batman v Superman to the Justice League film. Batman will make some upgrades, which I have detailed here, and Superman is dead. Isn't he? OK, fine. IF he returns, he'll likely look like the hero seen in the above photo. We only saw Supes in one piece of concept art on the Justice League set, and he looked like this.

As for the new members of the team?


The biggest difference I can tell you with regards to Cyborg is the amount of face that is being shown. In the most up-to-date concept art we were shown on the Justice League set, only ΒΌ of Ray Fisher's face was actually shown, and the rest was CGI metal that was covering his entire body, with that signature glowing red eye. This concept art also gives Cyborg a dark black body suit, almost RoboCop-esque in its design. The new design has more silver worked into the body. This is the most significant difference that I saw on Cyborg. His chest had the glowing red circle (which isn't part of this concept art). The red traced through into his stomach and rib cage, and was much more pronounced than it is here (because here, it's non-existent). In multiple art pieces, we saw Cyborg rocking his massive cannon arm, too, and there will be cybernetic pieces that come out of his back and arms. It's clear that Cyborg, because he is CGI, is developing daily, and this look is very basic compared to what we were shown on the Justice League set.

What about The Flash? Read on.

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