IMAX Will Build You A Private Home Movie Theater For This Insane Amount Of Money

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These days, movie theaters and studios are doing everything in their power to lure you away from your television sets and souped home home-theater displays to continue to support local multiplexes. But the struggle is real. Movie offerings are becoming less and less inviting, and home theater technology improves with each passing season. And if you happen to have an extra $400,000 lying around, IMAX now wants to help you set up the ultimate home theater experience. Or, you know, you can mail it to the CinemaBlend offices. Either way.

The IMAX Private Theater division is offering to build what it's calling the "Palais" for those willing to part with roughly $400,000, according to For that price, you get "dual 4K 2D/3D projectors, a proprietary IMAX sound system, and a media playback system that supports everything you might want to throw at it (TV, games, Blu-ray, etc.)" according to the site. Not enough for you? Then step up to the "Platinum" IMAX home theater system, which boasts a much larger screen, and specifications that have not been revealed by the company. We imagine that it will be top of the line tech, as that Platinum package goes for roughly $1 million, retail.

What's the hook of the Platinum? ArsTechnica reports that IMAX will sell a separate box (for an additional $10,000) that will allow customers the opportunity to watch first-run films as they're released at local movie theaters. Dubbed Home Premier (and behaving similarly to the controversial Screening Room program), this one reportedly uses some form of fingerprint recognition for security, and will bill users a rental fee per movie. This is becoming increasingly expensive.

Now, the bad news... at least, if you live in the United States. IMAX says that the Home Premiere box will only be sold in Asia, as the U.S. and Europe are looking at very complicated distribution exclusivity rights with regards to first-run films. But the Palais option should still be open if you have $400K, and want a top of the line home theater system from IMAX.

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What do you think? Is this the opening salvo in the changing tide with regards to home theater set ups? Will these price points eventually be brought to a spot where regular consumers can afford to have an elaborate theater set up in the home? And will first-run movies continue to negotiate terms that mean they'll come to our houses a lot quicker, meaning you can see movies like The BFG and Independence Day: Resurgence without having to travel to a multiplex? Let us know your thoughts below.

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