We hear you. This summer's blockbuster offerings have been disappointing. So when you finally have some free time -- you landed a babysitter, or that person you've been dying to ask out finally said yes -- you scan the listings on Fandango and can't find ANYTHING that looks appealing. We're trying to help. We're looking off the beaten path and reminding you of titles that are in theaters right now that are worth your time, but that probably don't leap to mind once you've considered The Legend of Tarzan or a second screening of Finding Dory. Heading to the movies? Take a chance on one of these:

The Nice Guys

The real dynamic duo at multiplexes this summer has been Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe in this throwback detective noir from writer-director Shane Black (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang). Drenched in period detail and blessed with a crackling script, The Nice Guys reminds us how much fun a shockingly violent crime comedy can be, and the chemistry between the leads is pure fire.

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Hunt For The Wilderpeople

Catch up with Taika Waititi before he heads down to Australia to direct Thor: Ragnarok. This coming-of-age comedy finds an orphan (Julian Dennison) really fitting in with his new foster family. Only, the star of Wilderpeople sounds like Sam Neill (Jurassic Park), who our own Eric Eisenberg says gives the performance of his career in this laugh-out-loud crowdpleaser.

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Sing Street

An early sleeper win of 2016, Sing Street is making its way back to theaters because critical demand is doing everything it can to wake Weinstein Company up and let them know they botched the marketing on this wonderful movie. Seriously, this should be a smash hit, as John Carney (Once) follows a group of outcast Irish teens who form an original rock band in the 1980s. With a killer soundtrack and all the right coming-of-age teen buttons being pressed just right, Sing Street is a total blast, and one of the most fun times you can have in a theater this summer.

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