There’s Nothing Funnier Than Bryan Cranston Trying To Explain Power Rangers To Larry King

The Power Rangers were a pop culture phenomena two decades ago, and while the later TV series haven't achieved the same level of popularity, folks who grew up in the 1990s were quite familiar with them. However, that doesn't mean the craze reached everyone. For legendary interviewer Larry King, he had trouble grasping the concept of the mythology while discussing the new Power Rangers movie with actor Bryan Cranston, and his reactions during the explanations are hilarious!

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The interview on Ora TV's Larry King Now started off reasonably well. Cranston, who will play Zordon in the new Power Rangers movie, explained to King how he worked for a bit on the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers TV series dubbing monster voices. Eventually, the Blue Ranger, Billy Cranston, was named after the actor, who didn't know that had happened until a few years ago. King seemed amused by this, as evidenced by his look below.

Larry King

Unfortunately for Larry King, he was completely lost once Bryan Cranston started explaining who Zordon is. The concept of a ethereal, floating head stuck behind a wall advising teenagers with attitude on how to fight monsters went (pardon the pun) completely over King's head. Just look at his face now. He's befuddled!

Larry King

Okay, the facial change is minuscule, but Larry King is obviously baffled. Bryan Cranston noticed his confusion immediately and joked that "they'd get through this" with therapy. Things didn't improve much from there, but the actor then revealed that he took the project because he had wanted to star in a sci-fi superhero project, aside from his minor role in John Carter. At least King understands his motivations for joining the movie, if not the wise mentor he'll be playing.

To be fair, if you didn't grow up with the Power Rangers, it's harder to understand what those multi-colored, armored heroes are all about, but not impossible. Cranston accidentally listed the Green Ranger as one of the original five rather than the Pink Ranger, but other than that, he clearly has a good handle on the story. Besides, if a Power Rangers movie sequel gets made, chances are that's when the Green Ranger will be introduced. As for Larry King, it's clear that Cranston's explanations didn't help, but maybe he'll check out the movie next year to see what it's all about.

Power Rangers finished principal photography in late May, but Cranston will head to Vancouver in August to shoot his scenes. The movie hits theaters on March 24, 2017.

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