The Legend of Tarzan may not have blown the doors off the box office, but it put up respectable numbers for its opening weekend. It's also getting solid fan support on Rotten Tomatoes. If it can continue on this pace, it's certainly a possibility that the movie could do the necessary business to still become a success, and if that happens, a sequel is certainly in the cards. Since Edgar Rice Burroughs wrote over two dozen Tarzan books in his life, there are numerous places the character could go from here.

The first film took a number of bits and pieces from Tarzan lore to create its story and added a healthy dose of reality for good measure. While Edgar Rice Burroughs Tarzan books get progressively more bizarre as they go on (the number of "lost cities" one can find in Africa is truly staggering), there are still some pieces that could be used to build a sequel to this classic adventure story.

The Son of Tarzan

The Legend of Tarzan ends with the birth of a son for Tarzan and Jane. In the books, the pair also has a son, Jack Clayton, who, as a boy, finds himself lost in the same jungle that his father did. While the story was a bit of a retread in the original novels, the fact that Legend of Tarzan had no proper origin story means that they could use the young son to tell the story they skipped the first time around. Perhaps Legend of Tarzan starts so late in John Clayton's life because it's only meant to be a prequel for the story of the son. Either way, we'd fully expect the child of Tarzan and Jane to become a regular part of any sequel.

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