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Despite an abundance of attempts to do so, arguably no superhero film has managed to topple Captain America: Civil War as the king of the genre in 2016 (though Deadpool came close). The latest entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe featured action, intrigue, and an ending that could please even the strictest of comic book fans. However, some people still see room for improvement; a hilarious new video has just hit the web explaining how Civil War should have ended, and it's a must see for any self-respecting MCU fan. Check it out below.

By now anyone who has spent more than a day on the Internet has come across these How It Should Have Ended videos, and the Captain America: Civil War edition is one of the best entries in the series to date. Through the characteristically goofy animation style, the video takes the viewer through the events of Civil War and dissects the multitude of logical inconsistencies in the latest Marvel adventure. From the fact that Vision could have seriously helped in the opening battle against Crossbones, to the notion that Spider-Man's webbing could have easily put down any member of Team Cap in seconds, the video wastes no time pointing out that there are issues with the film that any fan has to recognize.

The highlight of the entire video comes during a recreation of the scene in which Tony Stark meets Peter Parker for the very first time. As Civil War represents the third major silver screen incarnation of Spider-Man, the Russo brothers opted not to explicitly have Peter use the phrase "with great power comes great responsibility." Instead, they had him give a speech about bad things happening "because of you" if you don't do anything about them. Much like everyone in the audience, Tony Stark simply wanted him to come out and say his iconic statement about power and responsibility; let's just hope that he finally utters those words in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Of course, as is the case with most of these How It Should Have Ended videos, the Marvel heroes inevitably make the acquaintance of DC's World's Finest. The video ends with Team Cap and Team Iron Man sitting in a small diner once again joined by Superman and Batman as they recap the events of the movie. By the time the video has ended the heroes come to the collective realization that Civil War ultimately didn't move the MCU forward in many major way, but it did assemble a new roster of heroes that will carry this particular cinematic universe forward into the future.

If you fancy yourself a fan of Captain America: Civil War, then be sure to check out the video above. Sure, it points out some flaws and inconsistencies in the film, but it does so with an obvious reverence for the Marvel universe as a whole. With Marvel's Phase 3 finally underway, we will have to wait and see what great things this universe has in store for us.

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