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We Just Got A Glimpse Into Deadshot’s Backstory In Suicide Squad, Here’s What We Know


DC's Suicide Squad are being called the Worst. Heroes. Ever. But, considering how little we know about the movie versions of these characters, maybe that's a bit of an overreaction. We've got a small description about exactly the sort of character that Deadshot will be in the film, and while he's certainly not a nice guy, he has things he cares about, just like non-sociopaths. He's got a daughter after all.

If you've seen the trailers for Suicide Squad, (and if you haven't, what in the world is wrong with you?) you've likely seen that in Suicide Squad Will Smith's character of Deadshot has scenes with a little girl. It's not a stretch to figure out that Deadshot is a father, however, the description of the character recently listed in Entertainment Weekly, says that while he does love his daughter, it's not the only thing he cares about.

An assassin-for-hire by day, a concerned dad by night, Deadshot is one conflicted baddie who enjoys the hunt but is still trying to do right by his young daughter.

This description actually puts Deadshot, real name Floyd Lawton, in an interesting light. We've certainly seen plenty of people in movies who do terrible things for good reasons. Maybe they turn to crime because they see it as the only way to provide for their struggling family. While they may hate what they're doing, or they might get caught up in it, they don't really want to do it.

This description is saying something a little different. Deadshot likes being an assassin. He's not doing the job because he has to, but because he wants to. He's not a nice person, but lots of people who aren't nice have kids. We also like the juxtaposition in the description. Normally, you'd expect the contract killer to be the concerned dad by day, killer by night. Apparently, Deadshot is so good he can kill people in the middle of the afternoon without fear, just as long as he's home to tuck his daughter in bed.

Of, course, we also know from the trailers that Floyd Lawton isn't home to put his daughter to bed these days. He's locked in a room in a deep dark hole someplace. Also, the job he has to do is not one of his standard contracts; he's being forced into it, which may change his perspective on the whole situation. Is he really interested in "saving the world" as Will Smith says in the trailer, or is he really just interested in shooting people?

What do you think about Deadshot? Is he going to be the assassin with the heart of gold, or is he going to turn out to be a little bit darker than the standard troupe?p Sound off in the comments below.

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