Deadshot In Suicide Squad - Everything You Need To Know

With Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice finally released, the next movie slated to debut in the DCEU is none other than David Ayer’s Suicide Squad. Following the exploits of a group of villains turned reluctant heroes, the film will see numerous characters with long histories in DC comics brought to life for the first time ever. One such character that will finally come to the silver screen after decades of popularity in other media is Floyd Lawton, a.k.a, Deadshot.

Portrayed by legendary actor Will Smith, Lawton has developed an immense following over the years, and will undoubtedly be one of the coolest things about Suicide Squad. That being said, not everyone knows so much about the character. We’ve gone through the comics, cartoons, and TV shows to compile all of the vital information you needs to know about Deadshot before Suicide Squad premiers on August 5. Now let’s get started with a little background information…

What Is Deadshot's History?

Floyd Lawton, a.k.a Deadshot, is an iconic comic book character who first appeared all the way back in the 1950s. He’s one of the world’s deadliest assassins and a master of all firearms. Commonly associated with Batman, the villain turned anti-hero most regularly appears as a member (and often leader) of the Suicide Squad. His initial appearances depicted him as a gun-toting vigilante, but recent years have turned him into more of a straightforward gun for hire. Outside of the comics he has featured prominently in the Arkham video game series, the Justice League animated series, and The CW’s Arrowverse.

What Are Deadshot's Known Skills?

Everyone seems to have his or her own particular skill set that makes them an asset to the Suicide Squad. With regards to Deadshot, his particular talent comes into play when he gets his hands on a firearm. The best marksman in the DC universe, Deadshot is known for his accuracy with all types of guns and he has become iconic for the two wrist-mounted machine guns that he uses in combat. Additionally he also has a strong aptitude for hand-to-hand combat, infiltration, and other skills necessary for the life of a hired assassin. David Ayer is a director with a reputation for visceral gun battles in his movies, so we fully expect Floyd Lawton’s skills to be on display in Suicide Squad.

What Is Deadshot's Personality?

Depictions of Floyd Lawton have varied over the years, but most incarnations of the assassin showcase a notable knack for gallows humor. Deadshot has no trouble cracking wise in the face of intense danger, and that sort of cynicism will undoubtedly lead to confrontation with the more militaristic and straight-laced Rick Flagg. There also appears to be quite a bit of the real Will Smith seeping into this version of Deadshot, with the actor’s trademark charm mixing well with the character’s trademark sense of humor. However, this sense of humor seems to come from a very real emotional place, as trailers for the film have also hinted at a painful, troubled history for the character.

How Is Deadshot Introduced To The Suicide Squad?

Like most of the characters in Suicide Squad, it appears that Deadshot will be introduced as a prisoner of Amanda Waller in the film. His career as an assassin will have brought him to the attention of the law, and he will be residing in a cell at Belle Reve prison when the film opens. Various shots also seem to indicate that Deadshot's history may be explained through a series of flashbacks.

What Is Deadshot's Costume In Suicide Squad?

Deadshot's Suicide Squad costume in really feels ripped straight from the panels of DC comics. His suit has a very tactical appearance, taking the former of red and black body armor with numerous slots for weapons and ammunition. On his face he wears a white mask, and over one of his eyes he has the traditional Deadshot monocle – which presumably features hi-tech software to help him aim. The suit also has a version of the biblical passage John 14:6 stitched across the neck which reads, "I am the light – the way," hinting at a religious Deadshot who seeks some sort of redemption for his crimes.

What Characters Will Deadshot Be Closest To In Suicide Squad?

Although Deadshot often operates as a lone wolf, he’s been known to strike up a few meaningful relationships throughout the course of his career as an assassin. One of his most notable connections from the comics that seems to be making its way to the silver screen is his daughter Zoe. The trailers for Suicide Squad seem to show Deadshot in civilian clothes walking with a young child down a city street, so we as fans can likely assume that David Ayer intends to bring Zoe to life on the big screen. Similarly, what we’ve seen from Suicide Squad thus far seems to indicate that Deadshot and Harley Quinn will strike up quite the friendship over the course of the film. There’s precedent in the source material for a potential romance between the assassin and the lunatic – one that doesn’t sit too well with Joker – so we wouldn’t be surprised if something of that nature rears its head when Suicide Squad hits theaters.

What Are Deadshot's Odds Of Surviving Suicide Squad?

Despite the title of the movie, we would be willing to bet that Deadshot has a strong chance of surviving the events of Suicide Squad. Will Smith has expressed an interest in reprising his role as Floyd Lawton in future DC movies, and while that doesn’t guarantee that Deadshot will return, it has us thinking that the character will make it to the end of this particular film.

How Will Batman's Appearance Affect Deadshot In Suicide Squad?

Early interviews with the cast of Suicide Squad have indicated that every member of the titular team will have some degree of a relationship with Ben Affleck’s Dark Knight – and by relationship I mean Batman put Deadshot away. With that in mind, we have a feeling that Deadshot and Batman are not too fond of one another. As a trained killer who openly embraces the use of guns to achieve his ends, Deadshot essentially exists as an antithesis of everything that Batman stands for. It’s unclear whether or not Batman will show up during the present day portions of Suicide Squad, but if he does we fully expect him and Deadshot to have a truly epic showdown.

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