Check Out The First Badass Clips From Jason Bourne

Nine years ago, Jason Bourne disappeared from the world, supposedly ready to make peace with the world and live a quiet life. But thanks to some further meddling within the U.S. clandestine services, as well as the disappointing showing of 2012's The Bourne Legacy, it looks like his long dormant skills are about to get a serious wake-up call. Jason Bourne is almost here, and to celebrate, three clips have been released to tease the viewing public back into the fold. Check out the first clip below.

What Bourne movie would be complete without an intense telephone conversation? Thanks to, we have this and the remaining two clips to view in the comfort of our own homes. In this first clip, we get to see the man known as both Jason Bourne and David Webb speaking with two relatively new players in the world of intrigue. Our new characters are Alicia Vikander's Heather Lee and Tommy Lee Jones' Robert Dewey, and while Heather is a rather green agent, Robert has ties to the agency.

Plus, to the surprise of the audience, he has ties to the true Bourne legacy, as he mentions that Webb's father, Richard, was a patriot who saw some sort of oncoming threat to America. From the looks of it, Richard Webb is one of the architects of the original Treadstone Program that spun off projects Blackbriar, Outcome, and now Iron Hand. But you didn't come here for just clandestine intrigue did you? You're here for some action, yes? Well buckle in for the next two, action packed clips of Jason Bourne, starting with a motorcycle chase in Greece.

Another hallmark of the Bourne series makes a return in Jason Bourne, as a motorcycle comes into play during Jason's visit to Greece, where he reunites with girlfriend / Treadstone colleague Nicky Parsons. Though this time, even Julia Stiles gets into the action, as she obtains a police baton, and starts to knock some fools to the ground. Maintaining its focus on practical effects, and kick-assed stunts, we also see Matt Damon firing a gas grenade into a black van that's looking to abduct Nicky.

With a pistol whipping and an incident involving a van door and a stupid henchman, Damon's return to the action packed world he and director Paul Greengrass refined into an action machine looks pretty much complete. That is, until we get to the third and final clip from Jason Bourne, which sees the latest entry in the series fully bloom into the Bourne film we're totally expecting it to be.

Last, but not least, is what's probably being considered the centerpiece to Jason Bourne: the big car chase up, or down - depending on which side of the road you're looking at, the Las Vegas strip. The vehicular match-up sees Vincent Cassel's unnamed agent pitted against Matt Damon's Bourne, as Cassel commandeers an armored SWAT vehicle, while Damon is driving a modern muscle car, in hot pursuit against traffic. With all of the action and intrigue that has been shown in these three clips, the overall structure of Jason Bourne looks to have been laid out for the world to see. But knowing the Bourne franchise, there's still a ton of secrets left to be discovered.

Jason Bourne looks to reclaim its action crown on July 29th.

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