The One Scene In Suicide Squad That Truly Made Viola Davis Feel Like A Badass

Amanda Waller

In a world where characters like Batman, The Joker, and other intimidating figures reign supreme, it's hard to compete in the world of scaring people witless. Yet that's just what Amanda Waller, head of the clandestine government organization known as A.R.G.U.S., intends to do with every waking hour of her life. And with Viola Davis playing said coveted role in this summer's would-be hit, Suicide Squad, intimidation is definitely the name of the game. Case in point: one scene that was filmed involved Davis calling co-star Joel Kinnaman some choice insults. In fact, it was the scene that really clinched the entire experience for Davis.

The scene in question isn't described in full detail, except for the fact that it involves Davis and Kinnaman's characters fighting over something big. At least, that's what Entertainment Weekly's interview with Viola Davis made it sound like, as Davis herself recalled her big moment:

[David Ayer] would make me call Joel Kinnaman a pussy at times. A bitch. It's completely politically incorrect but it caused a reaction in me. It made me feel like a straight up thug, and it made Rick Flagg want to kick my ass. So David got what he wanted.

With all signs pointing towards the villainous presence known as "The Adversary" arriving in town to put a damper on life as we know it, there are going to be times that Suicide Squad's Rick Flagg and Amanda Walker just don't see eye to eye on what needs to be done. So, naturally, one of the only people in the DC Comics universe to shout down Batman without powers is going to need some trump cards in her intimidation game, which is what director David Ayer has clearly provided to Viola Davis.

So how well did Viola Davis' enhanced trash talk game work on Suicide Squad co-star Joel Kinnaman? Well, in the man's own words, here's what Davis' performance in the scene did for his own performance:

Some of the stuff she said really pissed me off. And I felt really betrayed. And that's exactly what David [Ayer] wanted me to feel... And now it's in the movie. That's some pretty high-level direction through manipulation.

Much like Amanda Waller herself, both Viola Davis and David Ayer have manipulated the game of the Suicide Squad, and it sounds like both have come out the other end as winners. Let's hope that winning streak applies to the August 5th release date of Suicide Squad, which already looks like it's going to clean up the back half of summer 2016.

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