The Best Star Wars Cosplay Costumes We've Seen At Celebration Europe

It's just not a Star Wars event until you have run into a team of Stormtroopers who are posing for pictures alongside robed Jedi and hand-made Boba Fetts. Cosplay is an important element of any Star Wars convention, and the crowds at Star Wars Celebration in London this weekend didn't disappoint. It's very possible that the BEST costume we saw all weekend could be found early in the morning on Saturday, before all the press events went into full swing.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Lonely Jawa.

Lonely Jawa at Star Wars Celebration

Lonely Jawa is my new Spirit Animal. But he wasn't alone in cosplaying at Star Wars Celebration this year, so let's run through a gallery of the coolest fan-made costumes that we managed to see on the show floor. First, a warning.

Cosplay Warning

Seriously, people. Don't touch cosplayers. It's the rules.

As for the actual costumes, there was one character who DOMINATED my unofficial count of costumed Star Wars fans, and that would be Rey, the hero of Star Wars: The Force Awakens:


And if you are going to have Rey, you better have Kylo Ren, too.

Kylo Ren

Because who is he going to terrify if Rey isn't around?

The kids came out in full force at Star Wars Celebration (no pun intended), which makes us both very proud of the next generation of _Star Wars _fandom, but also of the parents who helped this kid make an outstanding X-Wing pilot outfit.

Kid Pilot

And this kid who created a Jawa costume with glowing eyes. This isn't Lonely Jawa, though, because he found a pair of bounty hunters to pal around with.

Jawa and Bounty Hunters

Now that Star Wars: The Force Awakens has helped revive Star Wars, it's interesting to see how other outlets into the Star Wars universe are starting to grab attention at Celebration. For example, in addition to cool Rogue One cosplay, we saw a lot of people dressed as characters from the animated series Star Wars Rebels:

Star Wars Rebels

But older fans were happy to cosplay as characters from the Original Trilogy, which we don't imagine will change any time soon.

Jedi and X-Wing Pilots

Part of the fun is when fans take the concept of Star Wars and apply it to a different corner of pop culture. Like, what if The Joker was a Jedi?

Jedi Joker

Or how about if Stormtroopers starred in a spinoff of The Walking Dead?

Zombie Stormtrooper

But when it comes down to it, you can't go wrong with a classic Wookiee.


Or grown men dressed as Jedi, engaged in an impromptu lightsaber battle.

Jedi with Lightsabers

It is Star Wars Celebration, after all!

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